1- Complete Personalized Handbook
2- 8 Instructional DVDs
3- Dr. Joe's Ground Breaking
Power Thinking
4- Mohey's Revolutionary
Progressive Workout
5- M3 Weight Management Plan
and Recipes

Personalized Power

A personalized program allows you to track, monitor, improve and update your workouts as well as create a supportive plan for healthy weight loss and mental well-being.

What People Are Saying

"Two weeks ago I was in terrible pain and couldn't bend down or even sit. I was contemplating going to a pain clinic and even thought of using a surgeon. My dear friend and partner convinced me to see you as a remedy to correct my problem. At first I thought what could a physical trainer do that doctors were not able to correct. Mohey I want to thank you as after only three visits and your schedule of in home exercises I am now pain free."
Jack Smith
Co-founder of Sports Authority